Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why an Outreach Just to the African-American/Civil Rights Community?

Continuing the outreach we began last week, we’ll complete this cycle of outreach to the African-American/civil rights community on Thursday. While reaction from our membership to this outreach has been positive, we had a few members drop off. We can easily guess why. Just to be clear, there is no racial divide here or within the group. There is however a far higher percentage (almost double) of black Americans suffering from the injustice of employment credit checks. While we fully support this segment of our membership as evidenced by our two week outreach, we also question why more isn’t being done within this segment of the population at-large and within our membership group. If black America isn’t “pissed off” and outraged by employment credit checks then who will be?

Again, we appeal to our membership for members of the minority community to step-up and volunteer to lead this effort as an ongoing fight on a weekly basis. We can’t do it all from this end, we have open chairs at the table, pull one up and get involved! We’ve just scratched the surface of what needs to be done. This segment of the fight needs to be conducted every single day with passion and perseverance just like our outreach efforts at large. Step-up, let’s organize, let’s demonstrate some anger and passion for our cause . . . most especially when more than 60 percent of black America is locked out of the workplace via employment credit checks. If you don’t fight who will?


  1. It's sad enough that black Americans have had to fight for equal rights, I really doubt that most want to draw any more attention to themselves by 'standing up'...this would cause more problems than there already are...

    There may be a Select few out there, willing to go to any lengths to fight for what's general, most will not but WE can!

  2. People in general, we've found, would rather lurk in the shadows and suffer in silence when it comes to being discriminated against in the workplace for bad credit. That's why it continues. More than 100 million Americans are now suffering from bad credit, but the old ideas of a by gone era are keeping people silent. It has to end, people have to come out of the shadows and fight the practice of workplace discrimination based upon personal credit reports. As long as "the people" take it, it will continue and get worse by the day.