Sunday, June 13, 2010

Perseverance and Perspective . . .

If you’ve been a group member for awhile participating in our weekly activity requests, you’ve got to be saying ‘this is getting old’ and asking ‘what progress are we making?’ Guess what? We on this end ask ourselves the very same questions, but each week we find the strength to fight on because employment credit checks are wrong! We are making progress and we have had and will continue to have major wins with coverage in the media due to our efforts. You have to view this as a war, not a battle, and realize that the credit bureaus are not going to let go of a multi-million dollar revenue stream and the corporations are not going to give up control and allow Americans to squirm out from under their boot . . . without one hell of a fight. They don’t care if we all drop dead from starvation. Their greed has no limits and their inhumanity to man during the second worst economic disaster in our history knows no bounds. They are cruel and sadistic and represent the worst than man is capable of and that’s why we’re going to fight them and continue fighting them until we win.

Media, Media, Media!
As we’ve said before, this battle will primarily be won or lost in the media. No matter how much money they have, they can’t win in the media because 90 percent of “the people” agree that employment credit checks are wrong. That’s why we must win the media battle by getting the issue coverage anywhere and everywhere we can. We accomplish that, we win. It’s just that simple but that takes effort from YOU on a weekly basis. So let’s just keep pushing forward in the face of adversity . . .

We supply lists and our blog has hundreds of media contact points, but don’t stop there. Do some google searches on your own and make as many contacts each week as possible. It’s strictly a numbers game, the more contacts you make the more coverage the issue of employment credit checks receives and the more pressure Congress receives to pass the bill. It’s time consuming, it requires effort, but it’s NOT rocket science.


  1. Spot on. This is absolutely crucial. We must keep posting to all the media outlets, & all other organizations that we can find. As early as last week, I sent a message to Ed Schultz on his radio show, "The Ed Show." This is war, & we must win!

    Bottom line, isn't everyone sick to death of being controlled? I know I am by all the corporatists greedy, slimeball ethics of saying they know me by what's on a ridiculous report that they caused to begin with, not to mention all the egregious errors on a person's report. And by no means are they easy to fix as the credit bureaus state they are. More lies by the creeps that want to get rich off of you.

    It's time to step up & fight back. And if you think you're tired now, or that it's getting old, wait until you see what's coming down the pike if we do not win.

    And as for getting old, that is a limited belief for anyone who thinks that way. We've only got a little over 4 more months to get this turned around. November will be here before you know it. With each passing day, we're one more day closer to the end. Don't you want to see a positive outcome from this, or are you willing to slink back in & do nothing?

    Stand up & fight for your rights like so many before us have done in this country. If it weren't for people fighting women would never have been able to vote, the Civil Rights Act would have never been passed, women wouldn't be in the work place, & so much more would have never happened if people just stand on the sidelines & complain without taking an active stance. Shout this from the rooftops, & get this discriminatory practice stopped!!

  2. I have found a new website that allows free lance journalism, called "". I have decided this will be my first news report. I have tried to stir up public support using my facebook account. No luck. I hope this proves to be a better venue.