Monday, June 7, 2010

Employment Credit Checks Equal Class Genocide

Let’s fact it America, the truth is, we just have too many dang people to suit the corporations, the American elite and the political class. There was a time when the American middle class and economically disadvantaged served the useful role of “profit centers” for the America elite. Then came the concept of “free trade” a.k.a. “free labor” and the corporations and the American elite via campaign contributions convinced Congress to pass series after series of free trade agreements to benefit the America elite and corporations by providing “free labor.” To pull the wool over our eyes, the politicians from both political parties sold the American people the bill of goods that Americans would all work in the “service sector” going forward and “free trade” would raise the economic prosperity of every American. In short, the political class took care of their friends in the American elite by providing free labor and sold out the American people. The result, as “we the people” have gone to the voting booth for more than three decades to continue voting in rich Democrats and rich Republicans, the rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer. What a surprise, the rich take care of the rich . . .

Bad enough the political class and the America elite gave our good jobs to people in mud huts and now profit wildly from free labor as the political class becomes even more corrupted by corporate money – the elite wanted even more money. Via risky loans and predatory lending all condoned and encouraged by Congress, Wall Street and the banks pushed the limits of greed to the breaking point. When it exploded into a meltdown, Congress stepped in to bail out their elite friends on Wall Street with the money of taxpayers and the middle class. What a surprise, the rich take care of the rich . . .

First we were sold “trickle down economics,” then we were sold “free trade” and then most recently we were sold the idea that if we didn’t bail out Wall Street our entire economy would fail. The result of it all is that the rich have become richer, the poor have become poorer and the political class has become even more corrupt.

Now, however, as a result of all the greed and corruption in the political “system” they have a real problem . . . too many dang people. More than 8 million lost jobs, 15+ million unemployed and 25+ million under or unemployed presents a big problem for the American elite and the political class. If something isn’t done, confidence in the “free enterprise system” may falter and their power and control could fall along with it. Overt genocide of millions at once would get the attention of even the corporate owned American media. On the other hand, workplace discrimination via employment credit checks will cull the herd via suicide, starvation and no medial care and no one will notice or care. After all, everyone knows that anyone with bad credit has no money, means or organization to fight for them. The stigma of bad credit will keep them suffering in silence as they die off one by one. They are the dregs of society and don’t deserve the right to work or to hold a job, they’re all irresponsible, lived beyond their means and are rightfully locked out of the workplace by their own doing. Free trade and the economic collapse caused by the greed of Wall Street have nothing to do with the ruined personal credit of a 100+ million Americans. First the American elite and corporations gave American jobs to people in mud huts, then via Wall Street greed destroyed the economy and now they check everyone’s credit to deny as many as possible the right to work.

Now the personal credit issue is so severe that almost half of the entire U.S. workforce is now unable to pass an employment credit check. Years and years before the Great Recession, the percentages of bad credit was 27 percent for whites, 34 percent for Hispanics and a whopping 48 percent for black Americans. Now, virtually no one born without with a silver spoon and wealth built over generations can pass an employment credit check. Nonetheless, the percentage of employers using the hiring and firing criteria just continues to climb. Currently well over half of all employers and more than 80 percent of white collar jobs require an employment credit check just for the right to work in America.

Employment credit checks never make the news. The corporate owned media, the American elite and the political class see to that. Instead the story is reported as suicide, family suicides, suicide by cop, drug overdose, foreclosures, bankruptcy, crime, murder, starvation, rising prison population, illegal drug dealers, domestic abuse, child abuse, gang violence and the host of other under reported events driven directly by employment credit checks. One by one, employment credit checks are killing off Americans on a daily basis in one manner or another. It is class genocide perpetuated by the corporations, the America elite and the political class. As long as it continues one or two people at a time, no will notice, no one will complain and the American elite and the political class will continue to plunder a once strong nation where country, patriotism and the common good of the people came before all else.

Now the political elite stall passage of HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act that would make the practice of employment credit checks illegal. Billionaire Penny Pritzker, Chair of TransUnion sits on our president’s Economic Recovery Board because she raised millions for Obama’s election campaign. The big three credit bureaus, TransUnion being the most unscrupulous, funnel money into Congress via PACs and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other groups add millions to that in order to buy votes against passage of HR3149.

They claim the bad credit reports of Americans may lead them to commit fraud and theft while American CEOs such as Bernie Madoff, Bernie Ebbers, Kenneth Lay, Ken Lewis and Richard Fuld steal billions and many still walk the streets. What’s the average American worker going to walk away with, a pencil? Zero evidence whatsoever exists to suggest that someone with bad credit is more prone to commit fraud or theft within the workplace, but there are mountains of evidence that document beyond any doubt whatsoever that people without jobs will steal and commit crime.

As the American middle class send their children off to die in war so children of the American elite and political class can go to Harvard, they in turn don’t even have the right to work in America? Why . . . because their credit reports have been savaged by the American elite and political class via free trade and Wall Street greed. There will always be inequalities within every economic system and society, but when the basic right to work has been stripped and Americans are being killed off on a daily basis via employment credit checks - the free enterprise system along with any sense of democracy are dead. The American elite and the political class have done enough damage to the American middle class already, the least Congress can do is to restore the right to work via passage of HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act.


  1. Very interesting. I am actually experiencing this now. The credit check has been conducted as the final step before the employment offer, which means that I am obviously qualified. I will not be making any financial decisions for the company and have never committed any crimes. How can my credit speak more for my character than the lack of a criminal record and a stable employment history. I agree it is a class issue. I was not taught by my family how to manage my finances properly, my mother's monthly income was $400...yes 4-0-0, so in my early twenties it was a trial and error process. With more errors than desired. I am a college graduate who was sold a bill of goods that stated if I completed college I would be able to live this fabulous lifestyle. Well I was wrong. I invested $30,000 (in student loan debt) to make $30,000 per year. I must say this is all my fault but I am attempting to transition form the social services field but have found that despite the skills, intellect, and talent the lack of social capital and understanding of finances have affected my access to opportunities. This bill should be passed and there should not be additional obstacle for people like me who have overcome poverty to attempt to become a part of the middle class.

    P.S. The company is willing to hire child molesters and murders. The list offenses for which they will exlclude a candidate and they are white collar crims such as breach of trust. WOW!!!

  2. I to have fallen into this heart breaking situation. After a post graduate degree, 10 Years as a military officer, 12 years with an international company, I was unemployed in 2007. I drained all my savings, 401 K to survive and kept a great credit history throughout. Late last year everything dried up after looking for work for over a year. I started missing payments and my credit is now horrible, it cant be worse. I have interviewed for great jobs and done well in interviews, but for some reason no call back after the required background check. Sometimes I think my life is over and I have no future professionally. I am 47 and things have been going through my mind that I cry because I am not an irresponisble person, I need a job to pay my bills but no one will hire me because of where I am at with my credit report. I have thought of ending my life, but I have to go on. This is just a horrible thing and I am shocked that this is legal.