Monday, February 1, 2010

Why We Need a Membership Survey

FB allows no measurement, no tracking, etc. and therefore we must take a survey (a one time picture) in order to measure what we’re doing correctly and incorrectly in communicating with you and to measure what force and power we’re actually delivering via our membership. In other words we’re trying to determine on average how many actual “boots we have on the ground” engaged in live combat (a.k.a. “The A Team”). We’re also trying project exponential growth of the group for every new member we bring in, etc. As hard as it is to fathom, some people actually believe that merely joining some group on FB will make something happen - without any further effort whatsoever (we just need to know many members we have that think like that). We’ll tabulate, project, extrapolate, etc. (even get a little scientific) in order to measure our present and future force as we grow. This one time survey will enable us on this end to deliver greater effectiveness and power for YOU and our entire group going forward. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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