Monday, February 1, 2010

The 60 Second Survey

We’re ONLY seeking the true REALITY within our membership so DO NOT exaggerate anything or tell us what you think we want to hear. We cannot fix anything or make accurate projections going forward without your complete honesty. Just tell us the truth and we promise that no matter how you answer you will not get tossed from our membership ;-) We know for instance that X percent of members are just serial group joiners who simply hit delete when they receive one of our group messages. We’re not prying or spying on you, we just need to know what size engine and how much “horsepower” we actually have under our HR3149 membership hood at present so we can plan ahead. Every war effort takes planning and ours if no different . . .

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Survey How To:

[Respond ONLY ONCE to the survey out of respect for the group and your fellow members. We operate on the “honor system” so PLEASE be honorable. Sorry to even have to mention this!]

Simply reply to this message and just give us the question # and your answer beside the number. When you finish it will look something like this:
1) Y
2) N
3) 50
4) 25
5) 8
6) N
7) Iowa
8) Bla, bla, bla . . .
9) Bla, bla bla . . .

Survey Questions

1) Our present method of rolling out our Activity Requests on Sunday evening for the entire week is working fine and is effective for YOU? “Y” or “N”

2) If you answered “No” to question No. 1 above, would you prefer that we issue them the evening before one day at a time? “Y” or “N” (there are no other alternatives and we can only go one way or the other – majority rules and only an absolutely overwhelming “Y” response to this question will bring about a change to our current method)

3) In general, is the amount of time used and expected for each day’s Activity Requests reasonable (it should be 30 minutes or so max)? “Y” or “N”

4) Thus far, what percentage of Activity Requests have you participated in? 100%, 75+%, 50+%, 25+% or None

5) Just give us a good accurate guess, do not inflate, approximately how many new members do you think you have brought in since joining? (a number) or simply give us a number representing 30% of how many you think you’ve invited.

6) Outside of inviting some or all of your existing FB friends, have you done any recruiting outside of that circle, “Y” or “N” (“Y” means that YOU HAVE used one or more of the suggested methods you received in your new member ROAR kit such as “recruiting at-large” or some other method)

7) What state do you live in?

Optional Questions:

8) While reaching our 1000 member milestone is great and we’re NOT the only group working on passage of HR3149, our power is in our numbers. We simply must find ways to grow much larger more quickly than what we’ve demonstrated to date. We want membership numbers large enough to shut anyone down that dares to stand in our way and 1000 is simply not large enough to achieve that goal. We know beyond any doubt that overwhelming support exists and at least 30 percent of everyone contacted via FB will join our group, but we’re simply not reaching them fast enough. If you have ideas on how to achieve that goal, please pass them along (we’re all ears):

9) General Comments, Questions and Suggestions:

Notes: Since we don’t speak for the group or attempt to do messaging for the group, but instead simply provide a conduit to speak at once for more volume - we won’t be doing surveying or polling our membership very often. This is probably one of the few chances you’ll have to give us feedback, so please use it. We’re hopefully on the verge of a numbers explosion and that will preclude interaction on an individual basis, because we just don’t have the “manpower” and staffing on this end to accommodate a lot of individual interaction. We’re focused outside of our tent and getting the job done as quickly as possible, through any “legal” means


  1. 1)y
    6)y other method
    8)local chapter meetings, central labor councils, friends and family, talk to people any chance you get.
    9)I am glad you contacted me and am doing what is asked of me and sharing as much as I can with anyone who is interested. Thank you keep up the good work.

  2. 1)y 2)n 3)y 4)50% 5)10 6)no 7) TN 8)churches 9)N/A

  3. I don't believe I am in your circle of employees. At this time, I am self employed with out active Union affiliation. I am a contract worker and a & very recently joined the FreeLancers Union.

  4. 1)Y
    8)Perhaps an ad in national newspapers-i.e. NY Times, USA Today, Wash Post... Interview on radio/tv/newspapers, talking with friends
    9)I am a former Steelworker whose job went overseas in 2004. I currently work for a national/state program in a difficult environment of fiscal uncertainty but want to make a difference for my children and grandchildren.

  5. It is not at all clear how to respond. Most surveys provide a space after EACH question for a response to THAT question. Have you con sidered using Survey Monkey?